“With much of the same upbeat spirit as her previous performance, a tribute to Doris Day, Munter demonstrated again that she is a gal with a smooth approach to the melody and polished feeling for the lyric…easy to like as a performer.”- Elizabeth Ahlfors, Cabaret Scenes

“Even though Pam Munter is more a pop singer than a jazz singer – her two CDs are tributes to Sinatra and Doris Day, classic pop singers if there ever were any – this lady is at her best when she swings it, especially on uptempo songs. That said, however, there’s no arguing with her straight ahead pop balladry skill when she wraps her delicately throaty voice around a downtempo song like ‘The Nearness of You.’”-Jonathan Warman, Hx Magazine

“If you like the movies, you’ll love this one!”- Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online


“I got such a big kick out of hearing (the CD)…I really enjoyed it…You do such a fabulous job and…are very, very good…I’m really thrilled.”- Doris Day

“Pam brings…to life some great songs…and she does it as a compliment to the original. There is no mistaking her talent when she sings…You can tell the love she has for this music.”- Jim Stone’s Big Band Swing, WLNZ

“She sounds something like her idol, with a huskier and cooler voice. No one can duplicate Day’s distinctive sound. Not that Munter seems to be trying to; this is a tribute, not an impression of the singer; as such, it’s an enjoyable disc…Munter…has fun with ‘Purple Cow.’”- Show Music: The Magazine of Musical Theater

“This CD includes some beautiful songs which Doris Day made famous during the 1940s-50s. Pam interprets them with affection, keeping some arrangements true to the originals and giving others a new twist but sealing them all with her strong vocals and jazzy style…A delight!”- Stephen Munns, (United Kingdom)

“Pam’s voice is filled with the warmth and friendliness of Doris Day. She puts an expression in her music that keeps you yearning for more.”- Linda L’Heureux and Connie Dingman, USA Doris Day Fan Club

“…a warm, almost bluesy vocal style, which is at its best on rhythmic numbers. Pam has her own individual and pleasing style so typical of cabaret singers, and is assisted by a small jazzy group who do some fine solos on songs like the samba arrangement of ‘Secret Love’ and the lively ‘The Song Is You.’”- Allen Pollock, “Simply Doris” (United Kingdom)


“This evening (had)…an air of elegance…more sophisticated…The show at the Algonquin made you feel you hadn’t quite heard enough…I admired the way she worked with her audience…Her change from sitting on the piano to putting on a feather boa for ‘Ten Cents A Dance,’ to removing her jacket for a stunningly simple ending of ‘I’ll Never Stop Loving You’ all added to the variety and richness of the performance.” -Michelle Russell, New York Cabaret Singer’s Network

“You’re going to want to sit down and write Pam Munter a thank-you note after you see her show…Never has one show been responsible for so many delightful memories!…(it) becomes a true celebration when Pam Munter starts to sing.”- Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey

“Critics have praised Munter for her easy and smooth sound, her skilled performances, her phrasing and, in the past, for capturing the style and spirit of Frank Sinatra. In her Algonquin show, she does not contradict these critics and delivers a very pleasant evening.”- Barbara Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

“Pam’s effort seems to have been made all the richer by her apparent love of Doris Day…She took us on a journey through Doris’ life with songs and stories tracing her stellar career, while demonstrating her own abilities as a singer/actress in her own right…We’ve played a couple of cuts on our…broadcast and will continue to feature some of Pam’s great work on this recording.”- Ed Z. Pell, Host and Producer, “Seems Like Old Times”


“Munter swings, just like Sinatra did…very nice phrasing…Pam has mastered Sinatra’s style.”-Jazzscene

“Munter’s voice comes across with emotion and sincerity…Munter’s delivery is that of a rehearsed veteran…a rich vibrato.”- The Oregonian

“Munter has an attractive, flexible set of vocal chords which she uses to good effect in an album recalling the abundance and richness of the Sinatra Songbook. Recommended.”- Dave Nathan,


“…a very attractive lady with an easy, smoky alto…Her ‘That’s Life’ was a highlight that had many bobbing their heads and tapping their feet.”- John Hoglund, Back Stage

“Pam Munter…appeared quite confident, comfortable, and in fine voice…Pam did it her way.”- Keith Meritz, Cabaret Scenes

“Ms. Munter is a skilled performer, and one could see that she was both attuned and quite adept with her material. Consequently, the show was delightful.”-Stu Hamstra, “Cabaret Hotline Online”

“Munter’s sound is easy and smooth…almost comforting….’Fly Me To The Moon’ is snappy and ‘I Can’t Get Started” sweetly wistful.”- Leslie Alexander of WTRN’s “Welcome To The Club”

“Making her New York cabaret debut…Pam Munter appeared quite confident, comfortable and in fine voice before an audience full of strangers.”- Keith Meritz, Cabaret Scenes

“Pam’s sultry, smoky alto voice swings with the standards that made Frank Sinatra synonymous with the American popular songbook.”- Lynn DiMenna, WLIM in New York