Almost Famous

Almost Famous Book Cover

Personal Growth and Other Adventures

Here is an autobiography that only a clinical psychologist can write. Dr Munter’s story shows how she became a person with an impatience for passivity, taking risk after risk, each in its own way bigger than the last, weaving all the elements into a life lived authentically and cliche-free. This book contrasts with the externally-oriented achievement lists found in many life stories, which seldom tell the inner workings of the individual.

Almost Famous can be enjoyed on several levels. It’s more than an entertaining tale of life on the fringes of show business. It could also be called “how to develop a sense of self” and survive in a world that is not always fair.

“Pam Munter has written a candid, insightful, and intriguing account of a life that has been remarkably varied and full for one still only in the middle years. Pam’s continual impetus to explore, to try out, to add dimension to her being is a model for those seeking more fulfillment. There is much here that the reader can identify with, learn from, and carry forward into her/his own life. Pam’s depth of caring for others and her manifest professional dedication bespeak a personality that has made and will continue to make meaningful contributions as a writer, as a therapist, and as a person in her own right.”

-James F.T. Bugental, Ph.D., Pioneer in Existential Psychology