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  • Fading Fame

    Fading Fame

    Fading Fame: Women of a Certain Age in Hollywood is a collection of ten short stories and two short plays about the troubled lives and subsequent choices made by strong and talented women who survived #MeToo, but have aged out of the profession they love. Each copes in a different way, some better than others, […]

  • As Alone As I Want To Be

    As Alone As I Want To Be

    Pam Munter has opted for an unexpected and eventful life. Born in a time when women were expected to be wives and mothers, she has done that and has also been a professor, a musician, a disk jockey, a jazz/cabaret singer, a bandleader, an actor, a clinical psychologist and a writer. Hers is a memoir […]

  • When Teens Were Keen

    When Teens Were Keen

    When Teens Were Keen: Freddie Stewart and the Teen Agers of Monogram They were arguably the most talented song and dance troupe ever to come out of Hollywood in the 1940s. In three short years, from 1946 to 1948, this team of five veteran musical performers – Freddie Stewart, June Preisser, Frankie Darro, Warren Mills […]

  • Almost Famous

    Almost Famous

    Buy Now Personal Growth and Other Adventures Here is an autobiography that only a clinical psychologist can write. Dr Munter’s story shows how she became a person with an impatience for passivity, taking risk after risk, each in its own way bigger than the last, weaving all the elements into a life lived authentically and […]